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Shot oz,


Set of 2 double walled shot glasses for your favourite shooters or espresso.
Buy with a discount of -25%


  • Double walled
    comfortable to touch with hot drinks and sweat-free
  • Convenient size
    3.4 oz — perfect for any espresso machine
  • Perfected to every detail
    dishwasher safe, grooves on the shot provide a better grip
  • Gift packaging
    premium tin tube with a sleek design included


Diameter: 2.2''
Height: 2.36''
Mouth diameter: 2.2''
Shot volume: 3.4 oz
Weight (1 pcs):
2.54 ounces
Product includes:
2 shot glasses tin tube
18/8 food-grade stainless steel




How to check bobber?
Before buying, carefully inspect the bobber - there should be no mechanical damage. At home, fill your new bobber with boiling water to check if the contents are keeping warm.

After 3-5 minutes, touch the outer walls of the thermos - they should not heat up. If the walls are noticeably heated, the bobber is defective. It must be exchanged at the place of purchase.

Please note: heating the cork and the top of the walls directly next to it is not a defect.
How to use bobber?
Rinse the bobber and its components with water before use. Fill the thermos and enjoy a hot or cold drink.
After use, thoroughly wash the bobber and its components with the addition of detergent.
Can a bobber be washed in the dishwasher?
Yes. Avoid using alkaline dishwasher products as these can damage the product.
What material is bobber made of?
Our thermoses are made of high quality stainless steel (brand of the American standard ANSI 304 2B or the Russian analogue 18/8 - 18% chromium and 8% nickel).

Due to this nickel content, the material is absolutely not susceptible to corrosion. Austenitic steel is safe and actively used in the food industry.
How to extend the use of bobber?
To extend your life, use bobber correctly:

- do not leave a thermos near fire sources and heaters,
- do not use it in the microwave,
- Do not use aggressive chemical cleaners or abrasive products to wash the product.
What is the warranty on bobber products?
The bobber product warranty is 5 years. Warranty obligations apply to products in which the outer walls are noticeably heated and (or) the corrosion properties are violated.

Thermoses, the vacuum inside of which was broken due to improper use and mechanical damage, are not subject to warranty.
How to check the originality of bobber?
The original bobber pack contains a card with a unique serial number.
To confirm the authenticity of the purchased goods, enter the number in the form of the Check the Product section so that we can eliminate falsification.
Where are bobber products made?
After thorough analysis, we established our manufacturing operations in one of the leading factories in China. Our team manages the production process so that our standards of quality are constantly maintained.
Что означает «двойные стенки» в Shot?

Это значит, что у Shot – двустенный корпус, и технология производства не является вакуумной, как в остальных продуктах bobber. Но вы всё равно не обожжётесь о стенки Shot, если нальёте в него горячий кофе, а от ледяных напитков на внешней части корпуса не будет образовываться конденсат.